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We have been in business for 15+ years and now offer cargo services and 3PL, as well. Our team of experienced professionals can handle your or your customers’ shipments from the U.S. to/from the destination of your choice, whether it is domestic or international. We have offices, warehouse facilities and very spacious storage areas in Florida (Pompano Beach, Haines City and Jacksonville) as well as in Atlanta, Georgia. We also have a network of affiliate companies and international agents that will efficiently meet your and your customers’ requirements. Give us a call today!

Our role

The role of a Freight Forwarder is to handle all of the shipping arrangements for each of their clients. They may handle domestic shipments, international shipments or a combination of the two. In major port cities like Houston, Tampa and Miami, it is almost mandatory that a Freight Forwarding company understand the intricacies of international shipping.

Miami Freight Forwarding has the knowledge, experience and expertise to handle the large volume of exports that either pass through the Port of Miami or are flown out of Miami International Airport. While much of the business of a Freight Forwarder in a cosmopolitan city like Miami is focused on exports, Miami Freight Forwarding also handles its fair share of domestic freight. Handling the logistics of both international and domestic freight can become a very complicated matter. There are numerous laws that pertain to ocean and air freight. Aside from the bill of lading, a number of other shipping documents must be filled out and filed before freight can be moved by a carrier.

There are certain items that are exposed to tariffs and others that must comply with strict regulations. While domestic shipments have somewhat less stringent rules, there are still many factors that need to be considered when arranging the safe movement of freight from origin to destination. Shipping is a business all unto itself. Manufacturers and Distributors of products that ship across the nation and across the world can prepare documents, select the proper carrier and make sure that the important freight gets to its destination safely and on time.

They also can find the lowest cost carriers and make suggestions about how to lower the overall cost of shipping. It is to the benefit of most large companies to use a third party broker like Miami Freight Forwarding to handle their logistics and shipping needs. Not only will the process go smoothly, but the time saved by outsourcing the responsibility can be used to focus on the company's core business.


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We are strategically located, 20 minutes away from Port Everglades and 40 minutes away from the Port of Miami & more...



Miami Freight Forwarding provides some of the top brands in Freight Forwarding.


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